About us

People.. Place.. Products.. makes Geographical Indication tags more special.

We are professional from different backgrounds gathers to make Indian GI products more popular on Global platform as well as to provide other countries special GI products to Indian citizens. We are committed to procure products from its popular origin and proudly deliver it to our loyal customers. We are also having unique category called Local Specialties which are very popular products but not yet received GI Tag.

Our Aim is to:
-Encourage artist’s skills and producers efforts by availing them reliable Platform
-Increase reach of Geographical Indications Certified products on Global Market
-Provide authentic GI products to End users/ consumers.

GI Roots is just an attempt to highlight GI product’s tree by strengthening it’s Root’s!

If you need any help, want to join the team, or have any suggestion; feel free to write to us by clicking here.