Solapur Terry Towel-Pack of 1

  • Solapur Terry Towel is a weaving or knitting work that are manufactured in the Solapur district of Maharashtra state, India
  • Solapur Terry Towel has unique design and it is made by cotton yarn.
  • These towels are conveniently designed for daily home use and has higher water absorbing properties.
  • The terry towel work has been protected under the Geographical Indication Tag since 2005.
  • Gi Roots Solapur Terry towels are Skin Friendly, Odour Free, Quick Dry, High Absorbency, Super Soft and Fluffy.

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Price: 799.00


About this product:

  • SIZE:  60 Inch x 30 Inch (Large Size). COLOUR: Available in many attractive colour options
  • SUPER ABSORBENT & QUICK DRY: Our luxurious Solapuri Terry bath towels can absorb 4x more water than regular cotton towels. It absorbs double the moisture of its weight, so our towels dry you fast and give a fresh feel after a bath, swim, gym, sports session. Also, the towels dry up quickly which allows them to be ready for the next use.
  • SUPER SOFT & SKIN FRIENDLY: Gi Roots cotton bath towels bring you the best of nature. They are naturally super-soft, anti-bacterial & anti-odour, making the towels hygienically superior. You will experience no rashes or irritation even after multiple uses.
  • DURABLE: Traditional manufacturing method with skilled stitching techniques makes our towels stronger and durable as compared to other towels. There will be no fibre or lint residue on your body post use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Gi Roots fluffy towels are lightweight and ideal for traveling. They won't take much space in your luggage so you can take them anywhere & everywhere.